Tips For home owners

  • Buy enough products to complete the entire job. Calculate amount needed using coverage rate on can.
  • ​Stir completely before and during use. For uniform color, intermix all cans on the job.
  • Read label directions thoroughly before starting.
  • For best results use quality applicators and tools.
  • Perform a trial brush out for color approval.
  • Paint board ends and edges thoroughly.
  • Apply primer to new or bare wood or metal before using a finish coat.


Interior and Exterior Surface Preparation

Assure the success of your painting project starting with a clean, dry and sound surface; the preparation is the most important step for a beautiful and long lasting interior and exterior project. Follow the general guidelines below and refer to the product label for specific instructions. If further directions are needed. Contact Leo's Painting Co.



                                                                                            Treat Structural Problems

  • Fix or replace splitting or rotting wood, crack on the walls and ceilings, missing caulk, popped nails or rusty metal. Surface preparation.
  • Surfaces must be sound, dry and clean.
  • Wash areas that mold and mildew are present with a beach and detergent solution or a commercial mold and mildew remover. Rinse with water to remove detergent residue.
  • Remove all dirt, oil, grease, wax or other contaminants.
  • Repair cracks and fill voids. Spot prime patching materials where necessary.
  • Prime water stains with a stain blocking primer
  • Clean and prime all bare wood or metal surfaces an appropriate primer.
  • De-gloss shine surfaces by lightly sanding,. Test for adhesion and compatibility with existing finishes.



                                                                                             Remove Loose Coatings

  • Scrape, sand or brush off any paint that is cracked, blistered or peeling. Sand and feather rough edges. Clean the surface.
  • Wash off dirt, grease and paint chalk with a strong water pressure machine and let it dry.

Surface profile

  • Smooth surfaces may have to be abraded or etched to create an irregular surface, a good profile is slightly rough, similar in appearance to fine sandpaper. An irregular surface provide more surfaces for coating to adhere to, and breaks surfaces tensions and polish, smooth surfaces. This is a critical step for good coating adhesion.

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